Specifically Designed to Meet Your Needs
Specifically Designed to Meet
Your Needs
Widget Based Run Screen
The LAWS Software Run Screen can be tailored and configured with a number of different widgets including strip charts, digital and analog I/O's, gauges, images, message boxes and variable displays. LAWS Software allows for multiple widget screens to be created and switched between. These widgets can be resized and placed anywhere on the run screen canvas allowing for complete customization.
LAWS Programming
LAWS Programming is fully customizable to work with specified parts, allowing for weld-specific instructions to simplify complex procedures. Programmable monitoring bands ensure all process variables stay in range for the entire process. LAWS programming features instructions for Arc, LASER, SWET and Friction Stir processes with a wide array for closed loop feedback sensors as well as 2D, 3D and structured light vision systems.
Smart Factory / Industry 4.0
Liburdi's Smart Factory allows for the collection of key machine statistics for health monitoring and predictive maintenance. The Liburdi Smart Factory is also suited for on-site historian capabilities. All of this information is easily accessed through a customizable dashboard to display real-time or historical production data.
Liburdi Product Management
Liburdi's Product Management system keeps track of every machine, status time, up time, feedback production, queues, etc. and can notify the proper personnel in case of a fault. This system has the ability to tie in at the factory level as well as the field level. From LAWS machines to extraction systems, any component of a cell can be monitored to ensure peak performance of all systems.
Weld Log Analytics
Liburdi's Weld Log Analytics collects and stores weld data and logs it in real time. Customized dashboards allow for easy viewing of real-time or historical data from logs.
Liburdi Alarms & Events
Configurable communication options allow for LAWS to notify the operator if a process or machine faults, notifications when processing material as well as alerts when system components need calibration or maintenance.