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High Precision Part Cleaning
LASER Cleaning system that has the ability to remove surface contamination without sacrificing or damaging the parent base material. The LAWS LASER cleaning solution helps to reduce the environmental impact of traditional cleaning process by removing the need to use chemicals in the surface cleaning process.
  • Ergonomically designed keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Rack mounted 100W IPG LASER allows the system to maintain a small footprint while still producing the required power needed to complete the cleaning process.
  • Custom LAWS software allows the programmers to create customized run screens using widgets that may help operators and users more efficiently use the system.
Indexing Table and Theta Axis
Table to allow for part manipulation during the cleaning process. The Indexing table or “R” axis is mounted directly inside of the tooling plate and will provide seamless coordination within the working envelope. Also integrated and included in the system along with the X, Z, R axis is the Theta Axis. Incorporating a Theta axis into the cleaning system allows for greater flexibility on the system. The motorized Theta enables the LAWS LASER Cleaning system to automatically position the cleaning head based on the specific preprogrammed location of the part that is being cleaned.
Class 1 LASER Enclosure
  • The LAWS LASER Cleaning System™ comes with a Class 1 LASER enclosure that protects the operator and other personnel from accidental exposure to LASER light. The enclosure is equipped with LASER - safe viewing windows to monitor the process. The access doors are equipped with interlocks that disable the LASER from use when doors are unlocked.
Custom Configured Run Screens
Run Screen can be created and configured using widgets. These widget types include:
  • Strip Chart
  • Analog I/O
  • Gauge
  • Message Box
  • Digital I/O
  • Variable Display
  • Images