• High precision welding system with 3-5 axes; expandable with fully-digital controls.
  • Full synchronization of current and wire feed to produce a high frequency "dabbing" motion during welding. This results in superior weld quality on a variety of heat sensitive alloys.
  • Multi-process capable, using both Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) with a quick-change over feature. Minimal downtime.
  • User friendly HMI with real-time parameter control and key process data logging.
LAWS Lite Software
  • LAWS Lite offers structured preset weld program structure
  • Fully coordinated if necessary (X, Z and optionally BOOM)
  • Uses all the LAWS process features (AVC, Oscillation)
  • Optionally buy all LAWS extended features (thermal camera, seam tracking, vision)
  • Integrated Liburdi weld monitoring camera
Operator Control Station
  • Multi language interface.
  • Multi process automatic switch over for GTAW and PAW
  • 50-200A GTAW and PAW configurable power supplies
  • Full digital mass flow controller gas box