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High Efficiency Part Management
Liburdi Autonomous OCR System helps to eliminate many problems caused by manual processing while improving productivity. Information that is critical to production can be immediately made available digitally and can be stored and modified based on your production requirements.
  • All desired information is available to every authorized application and every authorized person at any time and in any place
  • The LAWS OCR system provides secure, reliable and manufacturer-neutral transport of raw data and pre-processed information from the manufacturing level into the production planning or ERP system.
  • Included within the systems Liburdi will provide a Vision Sensor, Controller, Amplifier, PC, universal fixture for part presentation to the camera and custom templates as directed by the customer all packaged into a clean stand alone system.
  • The system is portable and can be placed and moved around the facility to enable the most productivity possible
Custom Proprietary Software
The OCR will read serial numbers and log specific information for each component through serial number tracking operation. Using this process the OCR will retrieve and log the following:
  • Work order #
  • Part #
  • Serial #
  • Stage
Optional Thermal Printer
  • A thermal printer can be added to the OCR workstation to enable printing of tags and labels directly on the system. The Thermal printer can be included along with the Pedestal option to provide a clean and comfortable working station