Liburdi Automation is excited to announce the launch of our latest addition to the LAWS lineup, the LAWS 250.

Liburdi's LAWS 250 is the latest and smallest fully coordinated, production-tested, and field-hardened welding system designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications including (AM) applications and component repairs. This product line benefits from over 25 years of welding automation experience and is used around the world to perform high-precision automated welding. The modular design supports LASER and PAW welding with wire and powdered filler materials. The new LAWS 250 will launch in Nov 2022.

"The LAWS 250 is built on 25 years of proven automation engineering. The LAWS 250 reduced footprint allows for high throughput with minimal floor space requirements. The 250 achieved a strategic balance with modular design accompanied with world-class leading technologies to allow for use in a variety of industries." - JJ Sixsmith - General Manager, Liburdi Automation.

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Liburdi Automation is an industry leader in automated, vision-based welding systems for turbine, aerospace, industrial and tube mill applications. Liburdi Automation boasts extensive metallurgical, engineering, robotics, controls and vision expertise for new product development and turnkey welding solutions. Liburdi's automated welding systems can also be custom-tailored to your specific requirements.